Schick Injector updated information addendum - A to F

As we all know this is the original classification scheme used to identify Schick injectors:

This information hasn't been updated in over 10 years. The purpose of this page is to expand on that information by providing additional context or correct errors and omissions.

I haven't researched all the razors out so my updates are far from incomplete and are far from complete and as such are not the final word and subject to revision as better information comes forth.

Type A

1926 and 1927

The razor was produced in 1926 and 1927. Full page ads with exact date and paper source can be viewed by clicking on the images.
These came in two handle style variants
A1v1 was produced in 1926 and 1927, A1v2 was produced in 1927

First ad is from the Ithaca Journal Oct. 13th 1926

Second ad is from the Honolulu Star Bulletin Sept. 17th 1927

Type B

Introduced in 1927

Sold from 1927 - 1930

  • B1 sold from 1927 - 1930
  • B2 sold for Christmas of 1929, possibly other years.
  • B3 no further information found.

First is the B1 which was also sold in gold plate which hasn't been documented yet.

Type B adverts, full page ads can be viewed by clicking on them.

Here is first instance I found of a B1 for sale
Ad from Democrat and Chronicle Nov. 3rd 1927

Next instance shows the gold and silver plate options for a B1
Ad from the Indianapolis Star Sept. 5th 1928

Here is the only instance I found for a B2
Ad from The Post Star Dec. 11th 1929

Final instance I found for a Type B razor
Ad from Palladium Item Dec. 22nd 1930

Type C

Sold from 1931 - 1940

Full page ads can be viewed by clicking on them

I only found two instances for a C1 between 1931 - 1934 and C3 in 1940. What was sold from 1935 - 1939 I don't know.

First instance of a C1
Ad from the Press and Sun Bulletin Jul. 19th 1931

The last dated instance of a C1
Ad from the Lincoln News Messenger Jul. 26 1934

Only instance I found for a C3
Ad from the Los Angeles Times Sun Dec. 8th 1940

Type D

Produced 1934 - 1936

This is the first Schick injector sold concurrently with the Schick Magazine Razor in 1934 through January of 1936. In December of 1935 it would be superseded by the Type E1.

First instance
Ad from the Philadelphia Inquirer Sep. 9th 1934

Last instance
Ad from the San Pedro News Pilot Jan 22nd 1936

Type E

Produced 1935 - 1946

In December of 1935 we see the introduction of the E1 in the onyx-composition and gold along with a black and gold version aka a black handle E5 with a square spring. These are sold until January on 1937. In 1937 we see the introduction of the first E2 with movable spring and E5v1, later in 1937 we see the E5 go to the new safety guard design and the introduction of the second E2 variant with a movable spring. By 1939 we have the second version of the E2 with a fixed spring but same spring style as the movable spring.

A note on the E5 razors they are not special razors or came in special sets, Magazine Repeater Company offered their razors from 1935 - 1937 aka all the movable spring variants i.e. the E1 and first E2 variants in two styles. One style is the onyx-composition and gold and the other being black and gold aka the razors designated by Appleby as E5 razors.

It is hard to date these after 1939. Around 1941 - 1942 they switched over to the E3 models which were sold concurrently with E2 models. E2 models were first sold without the movable spring and with and without the movable springs concurrently also at least in 1939 and possibly earlier.

The E4 maybe a razor that is misidentified as an early G1 since I've never seen a single example of this razor. They should exist and numerous examples since there should have been plenty of surplus military razors in this style when the war ended but they don't.

E3 models were produced for military using during WWII and don't show up again until April of 1946, it is assumed Magazine Repeater Company didn't resume selling razors since they were in the process of merging with Eversharp which was completed in March of 1946. All the ad space only shows injector blades being sold from January to April of 1946. Before introducing the new Eversharp branded G1 injectors Eversharp apparently sold off the military surplus razors in the US and elsewhere between April and June of 46. It is possible they were selling Type G1 injectors alongside the E3 injectors between April and June though I didn't find any evidence of this thus far.

Here is an E1, E2 with movable spring / first variant and E5v1. The E1 was produced December of 1935 - 1937, the other two for about 6 months give or take starting in January of 1937.

Here are instruction sheets for the razors above

There was also a black handle version of E1 produced between 1936 - 1937. How to classify this as an E1 or E5 I will leave that one open to interpretation for now. What is certain between 1936 - 1938 Schick razors with the movable springs came in both butterscotch and black colored handles.

Here is the E2 with movable spring / second variant aka the commonly found one with the single channel lather guard and E5v2. These were produced from mid 1937 until 1939.

Here are the two E2 variants with fixed springs.

Finally the difference between the last E2 variant and the E3. The difference is in the guard, the E3 they added striations to it help stretch the skin.

E1 first instance
Ad from The Pittsburgh Press Dec. 19th 1935

As can be read in the ad it shows the razor was sold in two handle styles and documents that a black handle E1 or early E5 depending how you group the razors was also available.

Here is an ad from the De Luxe set in 1936 we can see it is a E1 in the set.

First instance of an E2 with movable spring, lather channel like an E1 or E5v1
Ad from Orlando Evening Star Feb 3rd 1937

Here is a De Luxe set showing either an E2 with movable spring second variant or E5v2
Ad from Life Magazine Jul 26th 1937

E3 last instance being sold during 1946. Here is the clearest example from an ad I could find. There is no mistaking that razor is an E3 by the spring design.
Ad from the Calgary Herald Apr. 26th 1946

Type F

Sold from 1940 - 41 and again in 1946

First instance I found. They did sell this razor earlier than Christmas time of 1940 but this ad shows both sets it came in.
Ad from the Indianapolis Star Dec. 20th 1940.

In 1941 production is stopped on this razor and it is not produced again. There are some instances of this razor being sold in 1946 but those are most likely left over pre war inventory being liquidated and not new production runs.

First ad is from the San Francisco Examiner Jul. 1st 1941

Last instance is from the Spokane Chronicle Dec. 12th 1946.