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This page is an addendum to our History, Development and Identification Guide that outlines the types of Schick Injector Razors and their features. Here, you can find a year by year outline of product development which will help you to date the razors you already have or intend to acquire. If you have corrections or information to add to this chronology, please e-mail me.

Feature Case Blades

Schick Repeating Razor
(Round grooved handle)
Cylindrical grooved aluminum alloy body with  cap, swivelling shaving head and bar guard. Knurled blade loading knob at the bottom. Long rectangular white cardboard box. Magazine clip of 20 single edge solid blades packed in brass or aluminum tube and inserted in pull out tray inside handle.
1927-1932 The (New) Schick
(Repeating) Razor

(Square milled handle)
Square silver or gold body with fine milled finish, swivelling head with bar or closed comb guard, and pull knob on bottom. Silver models in leather snap fastened case and long rectangular white box. Gold models in clam shell cases, "leather" over metal. Magazine of 20 single edge blades as for model above.
1927-1932 Schick Repeating Razor
(Sterling Silver Models)
Square silver body in sterling silver with milled, hammered or smooth finish. Matching cap. Clam shell cases as for above model. Magazine of 20 single edge blades as for models above.
Schick (Simplified)
Repeating Razor

(Square filigreed handle)
Square gold handle with filigreed design, swivelling head on thin round neck, separate knobs on bottom to load blade and inject them in head. Open or closed comb guard. Long rectangular white cardboard box. with blue trim. Magazine of 20 single edge blades as for models above.
1935-1936 Schick Injector Razor
(Diamond profile gold metal 'scissors' type handle)
Gold plated metal with diamond profile handle that opens like scissors to allow cleaning head and blade. Guard with random striations. Maroon bakelite clam shell case with Schick Injector Razor "seal" on lid. Separate brass blade dispenser with "key" to slide in right side of razor head to "inject" a new blade.
1935-1938 Schick Injector Razor
"Deluxe" Model

(Art deco butterscotch bakelite handle)
Gold plated head as used until 1954. Butterscotch or black bakelite handle. Spring clip under guard  turns to the left for cleaning. 1935 has flat spring with upward pointing tabs. Later models with curved spring and tabs pointing down. Black Bakelite clam shell case similar to model above with different cut out for razor. Also gold/ red cardboard box. Brass injector dispenser with key and blade loading slider.
1939-1945 Schick Injector Razor
"Popularity Kit"

(Art deco butterscotch bakelite handle)
As previous model except the spring does not swivel to loosen the head for cleaning. Random striations on blade guard.
Tan leather over metal clam shell case with red lining. Lifetime guarantee on bottom.
Brass injector dispenser as above.
Schick Injector Razor
"Imperial" Model

The DeLuxe razor in a metal case. Round spring opens for cleaning. Butterscoth bakelite handle.
Rectangular gold alloy case with mirror inside the lid.
Brass injector as above.

New Improved Schick
Injector Razor

(Alloy handle with gold head)
Solid one-piece alloy handle and blade guard. Cap is thin springy gold metal rivetted on back. Black plastic art deco box that opens into a holder and includes used blade container. Brass injector dispenser as above.
1942-1945 Military models only.
No domestic razor production until mid-1945. 
Bakelite or navy blue handle in 'butterscotch' bakelite. Gold head. Navy Blue or Red leather clam shell case in cardboard box. Blades in black metal injectors, 1942-43 only for armed forces.
1946-1953 Eversharp Schick Injector
De Luxe Razor
Molded plastic handle looks like bakelite, parallel grooves on blade guard, no flanges on spring. Eversharp Schick on rivet washer. Cardboard boxes, flat and usually in maroon and cream colours. Brass or aluminum injectors.
1946 Eversharp Schick Injector Razor (Xmas only) 14 Karat Gold Filled Handle of standard style except for round ferrule and fewer grooves. Brown clam shell case with gold trim and flock lining. Brass or aluminum injectors.
1947 Eversharp Schick Injector Razor (Xmas only) 24 Karat Gold Plated Handle is thin gold metal cover over standard plastic. Rectangular ferrule. Case same as 14Kt razor above. Brass Injector.
1947-1950 Eversharp-Schick
Fashion Razor
Cream body with gold ribbed metal removeable head cover. Square box with blade dispenser. Injectors of the day.
1948-1953 Eversharp-Schick
'Deb' Fashion Razor
Teal or red ribbed plastic body and head cover. Square box with blade dispenser Injectors of the day.
1948-1950 Eversharp-Schick Razor Twin-jector  Travel Set Standard cream colour handle or blue handle in later models, all with gold head. Plastic travel case with razor and two injectors. Injectors of the day.
1949 Eversharp-Schick "66" Dark blue handle and silver head (sometimes in matte finish). Red and blue box.  

Schick Injector Razor
(first plastic case)
Standard ivory plastic handle and gold head Red and Clear plastic case (first) Injectors of the day.
1953-1954 Schick Injector Razor
(Short Half-Ribbed plastic handle)
Ivory coloured partially ribbed square handle with traditional head. Maroon plastic case with either maroon or clear lid. Standard injector of the day.
1954-1958 Schick Injector Razor
(Short square Full ribbed handle)
Square fully ribbed handle in cream plastic with gold triangular streamlined head. Rectangular plastic case with rounded corners in black and clear. Spring lid. Later in blister pack.  Brass or aluminum injector.
1954-1958 Eversharp Hydro-magic
Schick Injector Razor

(short square ribbed handle)
Square fully ribbed black handle and triangluar head. Head release lever for blade cleaning. Case per above. Also blister pack. Standard aluminum injector. Blades now have 2 slots for hydro-magic mechanism.
1958-1963 Schick Safety Razor
Long round full ribbed handle
Long round fully ribbed handle in cream with gold head. Longer version of case above. Later, angled and flanged black/ clear plastic clam shell case. Also in blister pack.  Brass or aluminum injectors.


Schick '500' and Golden '500'
Hydro-Magic model
Long round fully ribbed handle in black or ivory plastic with gold head. Also rarely black with  silver head. Hydro-Magic lever. Black or white clam shell case with gold foil lining (gold head). Rectangular black platic box with clear lid (silver model).  Gold finish brass injector or aluminum injector with Golden Swedish Steel Blades. 
1959-1965 Schick Safety Razor Long round ribbed ivory plastic handle with chrome head.
Black rectangular plastic case with clear lid and incised grid.
Krona "Chrome" edge blades introduced. Injector now has used blade vault built in.
1961-1963 Lady Eversharp Beauty Razor
(ferrule on handle end)
Long round finely ribbed handle in white with silver (rarely gold) head, and pink or turquoise with gold head, all with matching ferrule on handle base. Hydro-Magic lever. Styled plastic cases with bases in colour of razor handle and lift off lid with filigree design..  Various blades, aluminum injectors with blade vault.
Lady Eversharp Beauty Razor
(glitter plastic handle, no ferrule)
Long round ribbed handle in ivory, pink or turquoise plastic with imbedded glitter bits and rounded end. Hydro-magic lever.
Rectangular plastic box in white or black with clear hinged lid and paper inserts.
Various blades, aluminum injectors with blade vault.
1965 Lady Eversharp Travel
Beauty Razor
(short handle)
Cut off versions of glitter handles above with golden medallion on cut end. Hydro-magic lever. Small rectangular brass box with coloured pearlescent lid to match handle, and travel stickers or "jewels". Plastic insert.  Various blades, aluminum injectors with blade vault.
1963? Schick Dial Injector Razor
Long square black ribbed handle
Square black plastic handle with smooth back and ribbed bottom, silver head. Blade adjustment knob on top with 8 positions. Square plastic clam shell box in black/ clear, or later yellow blister pack.  Various blades, aluminum injectors with blade vault.
1968 Schick Injector
Adjustable Razor
Similar to standard black handle with inlay logo and blade angle adjustment on back. Common plastic boxes, or later in yellow blister pack.  Various blades, aluminum injectors with blade vault.
1973 Stick Schick/ Schick Grip
Injector Razors
Stick Schick with grey/ black gear shifter 4 speed handle. Schick Grip with brown tennis raquet style handle, both with silver head. Blister pack. Super Krona Chrome injectors
Schick II Injector Razor
Standard injector razor with a blue handle and twin edged blades.
Small blue box (intro),  or blister pack.
Schick II injector.


 Schick Injector Razor Square black plastic handle with metal trim strips on side, and narrowed silver head. Yellow or green (later) blister pack.  Platinum Blades.


 Schick Injector Razor Square black plastic narrow handle without metal strips, and "Schick Injector" embossed. Yellow or green card (later) blister pack. Plus Platinum blades.


 Schick Injector Razor Rounded square rubber like handle with "Schick Injector" embossed in white. Gold card blister pack.   Plus Platinum blades.
 Schick Injector Razor Modern sleek metal handle with black rubber grips top and bottom. Not sold in North America except by mail order.  Schick Injector Blades.


An Unknown future at this time.
Will the endurable Schick Injector Razor endure? Check back to see.
Likely gone by 2005.
Blades are still available, but harder to find.

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