Schick Injectors for Dummies — Type F

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This particular injector design was short lived most likely due to the US entry in WWII in 1941 being produced between 1940 and 1941. Even though it is assumed Magazine Repeater Razor Co. stopped producing them sometime after the attack on Pearl Harbor it is known that retailers had excess stock they were selling as late as 1946. Besides entry into WWII, lack of sales, if the razor was a top seller there shouldn't have been excess stock available for 5 years after production and being purchased by Eversharp in 1946 most likely also contributed to it being a short lived model. The basic spring design did continue on in the Type H Lady Eversharp razors.

The razor was only produced in one style and was sold in two distinct kits, the first is the standard kit with a one-piece hinged black plastic case and the other a more expensive travel kit.

Pictures of the razor and standard kit sans blade pack:

First instance I found. They did sell this razor earlier than Christmas time of 1940 but this ad shows both sets it came in.
Ad from the Indianapolis Star Dec. 20th 1940.

In 1941 production is stopped on this razor and it is not produced again. There are some instances of this razor being sold in 1946 but those are most likely left over pre war inventory being liquidated and not new production runs.

First ad is from the San Francisco Examiner Jul. 1st 1941

Last instance is from the Spokane Chronicle Dec. 12th 1946.