Schick Injectors for Dummies — Types H and K

Lady Eversharp

Not to leave the ladies out. I am consolidating the Type H and K razors into one page. Variants will be grouped first by type then by handle styles since it assumed the same handle should shave the same.

Type Hadd_link

Type H razors were the first foray into injectors marketed to women. They all share a rectangular styled shape. These were produced between 1947 - 1952.

1st Variantadd_link

The Lady's Fashion razors which came in two styles, unknown the exact production dates for each style but both will fall between 1947 - 1952. Also known by collectors as a H1.

Besides the patents the razor heads are slightly different.

Style 1add_link

US Patents 18060871969945
Has a rounded razor head.

Style 2add_link

US Patents 19699452058633
Has a flat style razor head same as can be seen on the Deb H2 razors.

First instance of an H1 I found
Ad from the Des Moines Register Dec. 17th. 1947

Last instance of the H1
Ad from the Times Herald Feb. 14th 1952

2nd Variantsadd_link
Styles 1 and 2add_link

This one was called a Schick “DEB” razor. It is also referred to as a H2. The two styles differ by the color of the cap which came in either a red or turquoise color as seen in the picture below. Produced 1948 - 1951.

First instance of an H2 I found
Ad from the Indiana Gazette Dec. 9th 1948

Last instance of the H2
Ad from the Albuquerque Journal Dec. 20th 1951

Type Kadd_link

After 1952 Ladies razors disappear from the market until 1962 with the introduction of the Type K models. These were produced from 1962 - 1975 and come in 4 major handle styles and as such the variants will be split based upon that.
The common features of the Type K injectors is they all are stamped Lady Eversharp on the razor head and all have a hydro-magic lever for easy blade and razor head rinsing.

1st Variantsadd_link
Styles 1, 2 and 3add_link

These were sold as Lady Eversharp razors. They came in 3 colors, blue, pink and white and shared the same handle style as a long handle Type J. They are also referred to as Type K2 razors. Produced 1962 - 1966.

First instance of the K2
Ad from the Dayton Daily News Dec. 12th 1962

2nd Variantsadd_link
Styles 1, 2 and 3add_link

These are shorter handled versions of the 1st variants sold as travel razors. They are also referred to as K3 injectors. These came in 3 colors, white, blue and pink. Produced 1964.

Only instance I found for a K3
Ad from the Clarion Ledger May 17th 1964

3rd Variantsadd_link
Styles 1, 2, 3 and 4add_link

These are characterized by their concave shaped handles and are also referred to as Type K1 injectors. These came in 4 colored handles, pink (pictured), blue (pictured), white (pictured) and white with glitter (not pictured). Produced 1966 -1972. Also of note the ones with rivet holding the handle to the razor head were produced between 1966 - 1969 and the ones without 1969 - 1972. Both styles are featured in the picture below.

First instance of a K1
Ad from the Tampa Times May 5th 1966

Last instance of a K1
Ad from the Pittsburgh Press Jun 16th 1972

4th Variantadd_link
Style 1add_link

This razor was the last of the Lady Eversharp's made. It has a long Type L style handle and only came in a yellow color. This razor is undesignated but if using Appleby's designations should be classified as a Type K4. Produced 1972 - 1975.

Here is the last instance of it being sold I could find
Ad from the Times Standard Feb. 11th 1975