Model B1 (1927-1932)
Model B1
Image: Alan G. Appleby
Model B1
Image: mrchick@TSD
Model:  The New Schick Razor - silver plated, no cap
Maker:  Magazine Repeating Razor Company
Handle:  Square silver plated body with fine milled finish, no cap, pull knob on bottom
Head:  Swivelling head
Guard:  Bar or closed comb
Packaging:  Leather snap fastened case and long rectangular white box
Blades:  Magazine clip of 20 single edge solid blades packed in brass or aluminum tube and inserted in pull out tray inside handle
Patents:  US1584811 , US1652685
Length:  ??
Weight:  ??


The B1 is easy to identify: Repeater razor, tapered silver head.


On the B1 the patent information can be found on the side of the stem connecting the head to the handle. Here is one example showing the patent date for patent US1584811:

Patent Location
Image: Hodge@TSD
Model B1 Patent
Image: jmudrick@TOST