Model E2 (1935-1945)
Model E2
Model E2
Model:  Schick Injector Razor
Maker:  Magazine Repeating Razor Company
Handle:  Bakelite handle
Head:  Round spring with flaps, spring moved left to open the blade clamp
Guard:  Bar Guard with irregular striations
Packaging:  Domed leather over metal clam shell in:
 brown (common) with 20 year guarantee,
 blue (scarce) likely WW2 Navy issue or
 red (rarest) always WW2 armed forces
Various cardboard boxes (blue is common)
Bakelite case in black or brown (Canada)
Blades:  Brass injector dispenser with key and blade loading slider
Patents:  US1806087
Length:  ??
Weight:  ??

Opening the head

On the Model E2 the spring moves to the left to allow the head being opened for cleaning. Notice the lack of a stop which would restrict movement of the spring to the left. A Type E that doesn't look like this wasn't meant to be opened and might be damaged if you try.

Schick E2 - no stop
Image: jmudrick@TSD
Schick E2 - spring moved
Schick E2 - open
Image: Enrico@TSD