Model F (1940-1941)
Model F
Image: Alan G. Appleby
Model F
Image: 120inna55@TOST
Model F
Image: 120inna55@TOST
Model F
Image: Darkbulb
Model:  The New Improved Schick Injector Razor
Maker:  Magazine Repeating Razor Company
Handle:  Cast alloy handle also forms guard
Head:  Spring and cap integral, of brass
Guard:  Bar Guard with irregular striations
Packaging:  Black folding plastic art deco case with blade vault in cardboard box.
Blades:  Gold-tone 12-blade cartridge
Patents:  US1806087 , US2058633
Length:  100mm
Weight:  40.8g

Detailed images of a Type F (images by 120inna55@TOST):

A group of three Type F injectors (images by 120inna55@TOST):