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Here is a list of 35 of his patents:

  • US341420 Kampfe Safety Razor (1886)
  • US344115 Kampfe Razor with built-in mirror (1886)
  • US354196 Kampfe Folding Razor (1886)
  • US358978 Kampfe Safety Razor (1887)
  • US385462 Kampfe Safety Razor (1888)
  • US387359 Kampfe Lather Catcher (1888)
  • US405961 First Kampfe Stropper Patent (1889)
  • US414547 Brace for stropping Razors (1889)
  • USD23699 Kampfe design for razor handle (1894)
  • USD24093 Razor Blade Holder (1895)
  • US540319 Razor Blade Carrier (1895)
  • GB189521368 Kampfe Safety Razor (1895)
  • US554823 Kampfe Lather Catcher (1896)
  • USD27032 Kampfe Safety Razor Casing (1897)
  • US637511 Kampfe Safety Razor (1899)
  • US637512 Kampfe Safety Razor (1899)
  • US638126 Box for Safety Razors (1899)
  • US656818 Stropping Machine (1900)
  • US658649 Stropping Machine (1900)
  • US658650 Stropping Machine (1900)
  • US660640 Kampfe Honing Device (1900)
  • US668752 Kampfe Safety Razor (1901)
  • US672983 Kampfe Safety Razor (1901)
  • US672984 Kampfe 'New Model' (1901)
  • US686972 Stropping Device (1901)
  • US694650 Kampfe Safety Razor (1902)
  • US712384 Stropping Machine (1902)
  • US712385 Kampfe Stropper (1902)
  • US725449 Razor Stropping Device (1903)
  • US733399 Kampfe Safety-Razor (1903)
  • US733400 Kampfe Safety Razor (1903)
  • USRE12164 Stropping Machine (Reissue) (1903)
  • USTM43256 Star Trademark (1904)
  • USTM43257 Star Trademark (1904)
  • USTM43258 Three Star Trademark (1904)

(Paul) Richard Kampfe

August 22, 1853 — April 21, 1906

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1872 Emigration to the US

Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
Arrival Date: 28 May 1872
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Profession: Locksmith
Ethnicity/ Nationality: German
Place of Origin: Germany
Class: Steerage & Deckhouse
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Destination: United States of America
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Hannover

Also on board: his brother Otto.

1880 United States Census This might be the three brothers in New York. The ages are spot on.

Address: 177 South 8th Street, Brooklyn, Kings, New York

William F. Kampfe, Brother, Age 30, Machinist, Born in Saxony
Paul R. Kampfe, Brother, Age 27, Machinist, Born in Saxony
Carl. C. O. Kampfe, Brother, Age 25, Machinist, Born in Saxony

1883 Naturalisation The date on the document (1833) is obviously wrong. The 1903 passport application confirms this as May 29, 1883.

Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
Address: 166 Suydam St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: Machinist
Former Nationality: German
Date of Arrival: 28 May 1872

1884 Marriage
  • Name: Paul R Kumpfe
  • Gender: Male
  • Marriage Date: 27 Jan 1884
  • Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA
  • Spouse: Katharia Radler
  • Certificate Number: 227
1884 Birth of son Fred William Richard
  • Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Sex: Male
  • Wife: Katharina Badler
  • Son: Fred Wiliam Richard Kampfe
  • Event Type: Birth
  • Event Date: 11 Dec 1884
  • Event Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Father's Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Mother's Name: Katharina Badler
1886/1887 Birth and death of son Rudie

His son Rudie (August 6, 1886—July 14, 1887) died aged 11 months.

1888 Birth of son Paul Richard
  • Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Age: 36
  • Birthplace: Garmania
  • Sex: Male
  • Wife: Kaity Radler Kampfe
  • Son: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Event Type: Birth
  • Event Date: 26 May 1888
  • Event Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: White
  • Father's Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Father's Birthplace: Garmania
  • Father's Age: 36
  • Mother's Name: Kaity Radler Kampfe
  • Mother's Birthplace: Brooklyn
  • Mother's Age: 28
1889 Birth of daughter Juliane Margarethe
  • Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Sex: Male
  • Wife: Catherine Radler Kampfe
  • Daughter: Juliane Margarethe Kampfe
  • Event Type: Birth
  • Event Date: 07 Dec 1889
  • Event Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
  • Gender: Female
  • Father's Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Mother's Name: Catherine Radler Kampfe
1891 Birth of daughter Clara Marie
  • Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Sex: Male
  • Wife: Catharina Radler Kampfe
  • Daughter: Clara Marie Kampfe
  • Event Type: Birth
  • Event Date: 05 Oct 1891
  • Event Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
  • Gender: Female
  • Father's Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Mother's Name: Catharina Radler Kampfe
1892 New York Census

Address: Brooklyn

Paul R. Kampfe, Age 39, Born in Germany, Citizen, Safety Razor
Catharine Kampfe, Age 31, Born in United States, Citizen
William Kampfe, Age 8
Richard Kampfe, Age 4
Margaretta Kampfe, Age 3
Clara Kampfe, Age 1
Annie Dubler, Age 16, Born in Germany, Alien, Servant

1893 Birth of daughter Cora Ethel
  • Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Age: 40
  • Birthplace: Germany
  • Sex: Male
  • Wife: Catharina Radler Kampfe
  • Daughter: Cora Ethel Kampfe
  • Event Type: Birth
  • Event Date: 01 Jun 1893
  • Event Place: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: White
  • Father's Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Father's Birthplace: Germany
  • Father's Age: 40
  • Mother's Name: Catharina Radler Kampfe
  • Mother's Birthplace: Newtown, L. I.
  • Mother's Age: 32
1903 Passport Application

Appication dated March 11, 1903
Born at Witschdorf, Saxony, Germany, 22 August 1853
Saling on board Hanover from Bremen on 14 May 1872
Naturalized 29 May 1883
Address: 184 Euclid Av. Brooklyn

1903 Vacation Times Union, Brooklyn, May 13, 1903, Page 12


East New York’s Largest Land Owner Sails for Germany With His Family.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kampfe, of Euclid avenue. East New York, with their five children. William, Richard, Margaret, Cora and Clara, sailed yesterday afternoon on board the steamer Kronprinz Wilhelm for an extended tour of Germany. The trip will embrace visits to London, Paris, Berlin, Cologne. Heidelberg, Nuremberg and other prominent cities and a lengthy stop at Dresden, Mr. Kampfe’s birthplace, where his parents still reside. Mr. Kampfe is one of the inventors of the original safety razor and with his two brothers is the owner of acres of Twenty-sixth Ward property. When a mere boy the voyager with his brothers came to this country. He said yesterday that whatever of success in life he had met with had been the result of persistent hard work. The present trip is the first vacation Mr. Kampfe has taken in thirty years. He said he believed a trip through America would be productive of more pleasure and profit, but the desire to visit his old home and see his parents fixed upon Germany as the scene of his first relaxation from business. The Kampfes will return in time for the opening of the fall school term.

1903 Arrival of niece Johanna Konigsdorfer

Arrival on September 1, 1903 on board the “Kronprinz Wilhelm” from Bremen.
Her uncle Richard is given as the arrival contact.
She still lives with Richard's widow in 1910

1906 Death

From his death certificate

  • Name: Paul R Kampfe
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: White
  • Marital status: Married
  • Age: 52
  • Birth Date: abt 1854
  • Birth Place: Germany
  • Years in US: 33 Years
  • Death Date: 21 Apr 1906
  • Death Street Address: 184 Euclid Ave
  • Death Place: New York City, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Cause of Death: Fatty Heart and Chronic Endocarditis
  • Burial Date: 20 Apr 1906
  • Burial Place: Lutheran
  • Occupation: Manufacturer
  • Father's Birth Place: Germany
  • Mother's Birth Place: Germany
  • Father: Frederick W Kampfe
  • Mother: Julianna MA Kampfe
  • Certificate Number: 8342

His burial record from the Dutch Reformed Church:

  • Name: Paul Richard Kampfe
  • Event Type: Death
  • Death Date: 21 Apr 1906
  • Death Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Burial Date: 25 Apr 1906
  • Church: Emmanuel Church, Brooklyn
1906 Obituaries The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, April 23, 1906, Page 13
Brooklyn Times Union, April 23, 1906, Page 2
The Brooklyn Citizen, Aril 23, 1906, Page 3
The Chat, Brooklyn, April 28, 1906, Page 2

The last three obituaries seem to be by the same author. Here is a combined version of what they say:


Paul Richard Kampfe.

On Saturday there passed away at his residence on Euclid Ave., between Ridgewood Ave. and Fulton St., Paul Richard Kampfe, one of three brothers of that name who for many years have been leading residents of Cypress Hills. He was a member of the manufacturing firm of Kampfe Brothers, of Reade St., Manhattan, and known throughout the world as one of the inventors of the safety razor. This piece of mechanism has been carried to every quarter of the globe and the makers of it have since its introduction in 1880 made a large fortune from its sale. Mr. Kampfe's death was caused by an ailment of the heart, for which he had been under the care of a specialist, Professor Jacobi of Manhattan, for many months. The end came about 3 o’clock while he was surrounded by the members of his family. The funeral services were held Tuesday evening at the family residence, and the interment was made in Lutheran Cemetery in the family plot.
The deceased who was born at Witchdorf, Germany, August 22, 1853 was the son of Fredrick William and Juilauna M. Kampfe, well-known residents there. His father is still living at Dresden. When he was a youth the deceased was apprenticed to a baker and in the custom of those days was made to labor incessantly for twenty hours out of the twenty-four and he was of the opinion that he then contracted the beginning of the cardiac ailment which attacked him in later years. Coming to New York about 35 years ago with his brothers, the deceased learned the machinist’s trade, and being very thrifty, soon opened a small business on his own account on Centre St. with Frederick and Otto Kampfe. In combination they worked out the safety razor and branched out into a large concern. Mr. Kampfe was a man of quiet habits and domestic taste and his whole interest was bound up in his family. He worked steadily until three years ago, when he took his first vacation and took a trip to Europe to visit the place of his birth in company of his wife and children. For some years he had been in the habit of spending the summer months on his country place at Butler, N. J., in the mountains, where he had a large private lake. His only hobby was photography of which he was very fond and at which he was skillful and artistic. The love he had for nature was shown in the beautiful grounds surrounding his home, which was something in the nature of a feature of the upper Twenty-sixth Ward. He and his brothers were far-sighted with respect to the future of East New York and he was the holder of many parcels of real estate bought many years ago. He had lived in Cypress Hills for about twenty years and was highly respected by all who knew him. He was a Republican and acted with his party in local affairs, but took no prominent interest. There survive Mr. Kampfe, his widow who was Cathrina Radler, and whom he married Jan. 26, twenty-two years ago; his two sons, William and Richard, and three daughters, Margaretha, Clara and Cora.

1906 Probate
1910 United States Census

The Kampfe household after Richard's death

Address: 184 Euclid Avenue, Kings County, New York

Catharine Kampfe, Head, Age 49, Widow, 6 children, 5 alive, Born in New York of German parents
William F. Kampfe, Son, Age 25, Single, Born in New York, Book-keeper Razor Mfg.
Richard P. Kampfe, Son, Age 21, Single, Born in New York, Book-keeper Razor Mfg.
Margaret J. Kampfe, Daughter, Age 20, Born in New York, No occupation
Clara M. Kampfe, Daughter, Age 18, Born in New York, No occupation
Cora C. Kampfe, Daughter, Age 16, Born in New York, No occupation
Margaret Radler, Mother, Age 76, Widow, 4 children, 3 alive, Born in Germany, No occupation
Johanna Koenigsdoerffer, Niece, Age 23, Single, Born in Germany, No occupation

1920 His sons move to New Jersey

William Kampfe of Brooklyn, purchased the W. F. Presgrave house on Morris Avenue, Morristown, from Rev. John Parmly, who purchased the property two weeks ago from Mrs. Presgrave. Richard Kampfe, his brother, also has purchased the English brick house in the same block. Both houses were built by the Georgian Gardens Estates. Harvey J. Genung and Arthur C. Day negotiated the various deals.
1931 Death of his son Paul Richard

Paul Richards Kampfe of 43 Morris Avenue, Morristown, N. J., vice president of the Treet Safety Razor Corporation of Newark, died suddenly on Thursday in his automobile of heart disease, while on route to visit a sister in Syracuse, N. Y. Mr Kampfe was 43 years old. Besides his widow, he is survived by two children, his mother, a brother and three sisters.
1943 Death of his wife Catharina

KAMPFE—At Morristown, N. J., on June 11, 1943, Catharina R., in her eighty-third year; wife of the late Richard Kampfe, mother of William Kampfe and the late Paul R. Kampfe of Morristown, N. J; Mrs Margaret Groschopp, Butler, N. J.; Mrs. Clara White, Bloomingdale, N. J.; Mrs Cora Dickinson, Syracuse, N. Y. Funeral services at home of her son, 49 Morris Ave., Morristown, on Monday evening, June 14, at 8 o'clock. Interment Lutheran Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y., on Tuesday morningat 11 o'clock.